Tyre Fitting Service

With prices starting from as little as £18.00 including fitting and balancing it is not worth risking 3 points on your driving licence. You can call in for a no obligation free tyre and pressure check. The correct tyre pressure will save you unnecessary tyre wear and save you valuable fuel.
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Wheel Balance & Alignment

Incorrectly balanced wheels can cause vibration in the steering wheel at road speeds of around 50-70 mph. As a result of wheels being out of balance, this also leads to premature tyre wear as well as poor handling. Wheel balancing is simply adjusting the balance between the tyre and the rim using weights. Wheel alignment…
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The Law About Car Tyres

Around 12% of UK cars have at least one defective tyre. What you need to know Tyres must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's and the tyre manufacturer's recommended pressure. If you drive with damaged or worn tyres you risk being fined and you risk invalidating your car insurance policy. No lump, bulge or…
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